Our beliefs :

A socially responsible company at the service of the patient’s health.

Aware of the fact that we are working in a sensitive field and concerned about the welfare of our fellow citizens, we are always committed to offer items that respect the international standards and meet the needs of men and women who use our products.


All our products are manufactured locally in Casablanca. They are intended for healthcare providers, hospitals, clinics, general public as well as exportation. To provide a high quality product, we control the entire production chain, from receiving raw materials to the release of the final product from sterilization. It is our ISO and EC commitment.

This control allows a perfect traceability of our products and our production batches.


In an increasingly competitive environment, our sales teams are at your disposal and are committed to provide the best solutions to your expectations.

Innovating has always been an ultimate necessity for us and it is the reason behind our ongoing quest to improve our products and use of new technologies to develop new concepts.